Corporate Culture

Corporate values​​: the creation of wealth and return to the community, to contribute to the beautification and improvement of human living environment
Corporate vision: to create a microcrystalline stone industry professionals leading brands
The GEP MARMOGLASS INC core values
Talent: talent capital. Attracting outstanding talent, cultivate talents, their skills, provide a broad space for development and platform for the development of talent. Companies to promote each employee is a person in charge of the company, socially responsible company, responsible for their own.
The concept of development: focus on the spirit of innovation. The essence of the spirit of innovation to create new value. The creation of new value comes from creating a new user resources. The company will seek development in the management of innovation, to create a better living space for the user.
Interest: interactive win-win, and grow together. Employees, customers, the company sustained a win-win situation, in order to let Saatchi Mingjia truly achieve the goal of the industry leading brand of ceramic stone.
China Marmoglass Spirit

Code of Conduct
Dedication: dedication to work, the courage to take
Ahead: never satisfied, excellence
Collaboration: obey the overall situation, collaboration
Learning: humble and eager to learn, and apply what they have learned
Business concept: professional production, professional marketing, professional services