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Crystallized Glass

Marmoglass,Nanoglass,Marmoglass Composite Collectively referred to as Crystallized Glass
Crystallized Glass Application:

1). Interior & external wall cladding
2). Flooring Tile, Stair, Column cladding
3). Basin, Countertop, Table, Bar
4). bath, Kitchen, any tops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc .
Crystallized Glass Slab Size(mm):
1200X2400, 1200X2600,1300X2600, 1300 X 2800, 1400X2800, 1500 X 2800 etc
Crystallized Glass Thickness : 18mm-30mm
Crystallized Glass cut-to-size(mm):
600*600,800*800,1000*1000,1200*1200mm, and any other desired size.
Crystallized Glass has however physical and chemical advantages that granite do not have, such as higher density, even texture, durability against high pressure and shock, and even bendable. All of properties shows better than natural stone slabs. It has no crack that natural stones have.
Crystallized Glass also called crystallized glass panel, nano crystallized glass panel, crystallized white stone, glass marble,Thassos white, Ariston White, white carrara, crystallized stone,glass panel, minicrystal stone, no pore marmoglass, non-pore crystallized glass panel ect.
Crystallized glass panel is a new construction decoration material, that made from natural inorganic material, melted in 15,000 C high temperature, and burn 36 hours normal glass, ceramic, stone and marble. Crystallized Glass also has better performance in respects of mechanical strength, anti-wearing, corrosive resistance, electricity isolation heat expansion coefficient, heat stability, temperature resistance etc.Crystallized Glass is the most competitive GREEN construction material in the 21st century.
Crystal White, the most recognized name in crystallized glass stone.
Crystal White is pure white crystallized glass.Crystallized Glass is the whitest crystallized glass available.
Crystallized Glass is made using a proprietary process of sintering molten glass into crystals then fusing them together at high temperature.
A flowing ribbon of molten glass is passed through a stream of cool water, forming white sintering glass crystals.
The glass crystals are spread out into molds to desired thicknesses and heated in kilns for 30 hours at 2600 degrees Fahrenheit. The crystals fuse together in a molten bath and slowly emerge a solid once again.
After cooling, selected slabs of pure white crystallized glass are formed. The backs of the Crystallized Glass slabs are smoothed to remove most of the irregularities left from the mould process.
The top is mirror polished, then the slabs are inspected for quality control.
The result is a versatile building material that is nearly identical to Pure White Thassos Marble, yet unlike Thassos, it is as hard as granite with zero porosity.