• Composite Marmoglass advantages:
    1) High glossiness 2) High intensity and hardness 3) High chemic stability 4) Non-absorbent, anti-pollution, free-maintenance 5) Rich color but no color difference 6) Never fade and long using life 7) High level of environmental performance 9) Low cost in construction
    Composite Marmoglass made of ceramic base plus microcrystallized glass surface(Top 3mm-5mm of crystal stone with porcelain tile back). Whether applied as wall cladding or floor tile , our composite microcrystallized glass surface is idea for your project.
  • Our Marmoglass composite color range(imitation marble color), developed 600mm * 600mm, 800mm * 800mm, 600mm * 1200mm, 1000mm * 1000mm four specifications of ceramic stone products, not only specifications diversification, magnificent and gorgeous color has a perfect matching, luxury upscale and unique personality to provide elegant taste of living space for the pursuit of quality of life, high-end groups.
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Marmoglass Composite

Marmoglass Composite Panel, Crystallized compound,composite crystal glass , composite glass porcelain tile
Material: Ceramic+Microcrystallized glass
Marmoglass Composite Size:
800X800MM, 600X600MM, 600mm*1200mm, 1000mm*1000mm

1) All Marmoglass Composite color are of the top grade.
2) We have CE certificate, ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 for our marmoglass compound.
3) OEM service is provided as required, please contact us for details.
4) Special dimensions are available by cutting, with rectified edge.

Composite Microcrystallized Glass Tile is made of ceramic base plus microcrystallized glass surface. Whether applied as wall cladding or floor tile , our composite microcrystallized glass surface is idea for your project.

1)  Marmoglass Composite's excellent functioned with better advantages of physics and chemistry than natural stone slab
Crystallized glass panel
is made through special arts under the condition of high temperature, which is similar to that of the forming of granite. Marmoglass has advantages of physics and chemistry, such as even-texture, high-density, anti-pressure, anti-bend, anti-hit etc. Which are better than natural stone. Crystallized glass is ever-lasting and wear-resisting, it has no small crackless of natural stone slab.

2)  Marmoglass Composite is fine-textured, smooth-surfaced
Crystallized glass composite panel
has special crystallized structure and glass substratum structure. Its texture is fine and smooth, its surface is smooth and crystal clear. For the coming ray, it can produce effect of diffused reflection, which is pleasing to your eyes. 

3) Marmoglass compound  is rich in colors and it can be widely applied
According to the special manufacture arts, rich and fashionable colors such as snow white, cream-colored, silver grey can be made to meet the needs of production, at the same time, it can remedy the color demerits of natural stone color. composite crystal glass fits for internal and external decoration of hotels, office buildings, bus stations, airports and top class household decoration, such as wall surface, floor, ceiling etc.

4) Marmoglass composite is excellent for acid and soda resistance and heat-resistance
As a kind of inorganic crystallized material with stable chemical functions with glass substratum structure, crystallized glass panel has better soda-resistance, corrosiveness-resistance than natural stone. Especially its heat-resistance is outstanding, Marmoglass composites luster and intensity cannot be reduced under various of weather condition. 

Marmoglass compound is excellent for pollution-resistance, which makes maintenance convenient
Crystallized compound's
hygroscopicity is very low, composite glass porcelain tile can not be polluted by dirt and colored liquid. Dirt on surface can be easily washed. marmoglass panel ceramics is convenient to maintenance of buildings.
Marmoglass compound can be bent if heated so as to make stone slab of various forms
Being heated, Marmoglass compound panel can be made stone color in various forms, such as arc and curved surface. porcelain composite tile has advantages of easy craft and low cost. For arc stone colors, malpractice such as excessive cutting, grinding and waste of time material etc. can be avoided.
Marmoglass composite contains no radioactive elements, not harmful to people's health
Any radioactive elements have been removed in the process of manufacture, unlike some natural stone, crystallized glass panel has no harmful radioactive elements. Marmoglass composite is one of safest kind of green environment protection materials.