※ What are your main advantages? Why Choose GEP MARMOGLASS INC?

1) Chinese New Production Line, More than 5 years manufacturing and  exporting experience, clients in all the world.
2) Factory located quanzhou, fujian.
3) Sufficient labor resource, advanced equipment, large production capabilities, stable supply scale and quick delivery time all year round.
4) Quality system inspection, satisfied service, well prepared to solve any problem at any time for our clients.

※ Why ours quality is better?

1. In our Marmoglass, there is a special material called zinc oxide.
Zinc oxide in crystallized glass panel acts as the steel structure in a building. It can improve the microstructure of crystal glass, and make it extremely solid. So, when installed by dry hanging, it won’t have any crack while others will be easily broken.We are the only one in China who adds zinc oxide.

2. Our material is so steady that there is no chromatic aberration for the white panel.
We guarantee there is no any chromatic aberration in different batches.

3.Carborundum Mold
We are the only factory in China who applies carborundum as mold, which can keep the slab edge flat and smooth. While other manufactures usually use cobblestone panel, and the edge is apt to rough. This advantage can save materials for you in the maximum extent.

4. With holes to avoid damage.
For the normal crystallized glass panel, it is no holes, it can be made by once forming.But ours crystallized glass panel, it is with holes, it needs to be formed by several times.When there is heat or impact, the with holes can well avoid damage.

5. For the transportation, we guarantee 100% no damage.

※ How can I get more information or place an order?

You can e-mail, fax, or call us to place your order. Need some help? Call our customer care line on 0086 5925969762, or click on the Live Chat button (Skype) to talk to one of our friendly team!

※ Can I get an additional discount?

Usually, we offer our best prices for our potential clients. Besides, the most products we exported produced by our own factory, with factory direct pricing, hence the margin of negotiation is quite small. But if order quantity is big, there maybe a little space to be more flexible. Welcome to talk with us about your demands.

※Why ours quality is better?

※ What is your port of loading?

Our own factory which located in Guiyang, Xiamen and Shanghai will be the port of loading.

※ What is your acceptable payment?

L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Telegraphic transfer), etc.

 ※ May I know the order procedure?

1) Selection of products, inquire us directly about the price according your demands.
2) Estimation and quotation on products, shipping and insurance cost.
3) Confirmation about the order information (quantity, price, delivery time, payment terms etc.).
4) Production proceeds by our factory. Inspection of the finished products (customer comes here to inspect or our inspectors do it).
5) Packing, transport, ship to your nearest port. Submit the relevant documents (invoice, packing list, bill of lading) to the bank.