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GEP MARMOGLASS INC is a leading China supplier of crystallized stone tiles and slabs, including marmoglass, white glass crystal with ceramic tiles , hole free crystal and nanoglass crystal. It has ownership rights in the factory and co-owns the research and development for both the materials and processing equipments.

Our products are new green building and decorating materials with pure white color. All have the processing, installation and internal performance that natural stones have. All can be used in all places that natural stone can be used. And it also has many advantages that natural stone doesn’t have, such as zero water absorption, high brightness, high density, no radiation etc. During the continuously development these years, the output for each material reaches to 500,000 square meters per year and well sold to many countries and areas, including Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Angola, Brazil, United States, Argentina, Hongkong etc.

GEP MARMOGLASS INC welcomes architects, designers, contractors, wholesaler and residential customers to visit our website to choose your favorite material.