What is the super white Marmoglass

  • 2013/08/27   Author: MARMOGLASS List
    super white Marmoglass is a soft and glittering luster, faultlessly elegant and classic. According to the special manufacture arts, varying colors can be make to meet the needs of production, such as spot black, dark red, dark beige, yellow white, grey spot gray etc. It can remedy the color demerits of natural stone slab. It fits for internal and external decoration of house and building, such as wall surface, floor, ceiling and counter top etc.

    White color stone is the most popular and classic in the world and never be out , and got the prefect decoration by the super white Marmoglass.

    super white Marmoglass feature

    1. Green environment , no toxin and no radiation
    2.Unique in superior whiteness, brilliant radiance and no chr 1.100% super white color
    2.zero water absoration ,No stain
    3.super glossy over degree
    4.easy to use omatism

    super white Marmoglasssuper white Marmoglass

    super white Marmoglass Slab

    GEP MARMOGLASS INC also export super white marmoglass floor tile, super white marmoglass wall cladding,super white marmoglass countertop,super white marmoglass stair etc.

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