The Biggest Supplier of Marmoglass in China

  • 2013/09/10   Author: MARMOGLASS List

    The Biggest Supplier of  Crystallized Glass Stone in China
    The Biggest Supplier of  Marmoglass in China
    The Biggest Supplier of White Marble in China

    All can be used in all places that natural stone can be used. And it also has many advantages that natural stone doesn’t have, such as zero water absorption, high brightness, high density, no radiation etc. During the continuously development these years, the output for each material reaches to 500,000 square meters per year and well sold to many countries and areas, including Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Angola, Brazil, United States, Argentina, Hongkong etc.

    The most professional manufacturer and exporter in the field of White Marble / Crystallized Glass Stone / Marmoglass.

    Product information

    Item Material

    Crystallized Glass , Marmoglass , white marble



    Slab Size(mm)





    widely used as wall cladding,facade,flooring,column,fireplace,countertop


    cut-to-size as 600*600,800*800,1000*1000,1200*1200mm, and any other desired size

    Surface finished

    Polished, honed, sand blasted, leather-finish, pulled, or other specified finish

    Quality control

    Polished degree 95 or higher than 95

    Thickness tolerance: +/-1mm

    All products checked by experienced QC pieces by pieces and then pack


    Well packed with wooden crates for tiles, and bundles for slabs

    Marmoglass cover slab, tile, countertop, tabletop, stair, skirting, riser, sink, column and so on.

    crystal glass panel cladding 18mm

    crystal glass panel cladding 30mm

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