Nanoglass Advantage

  • 2013/09/10   Author: MARMOGLASS List

    Nanoglass Advantage:

    nano glass , nano marmoglass , glass stone , Nano crystallized stone

    1)Building material of green environment protection, no radioactivity

    2)Crystal structure of the product reaches nanmeter level.It can be cut ,drilled carved or respolished so to satisfy more application.

    3)High density,High hardness,specialized in flooring decoration.

    The most thin slab is 240*130*1cm

    4)Without any pore holes , Zero Water Absorption, free of dirt absorption

    5)It is resistant to high temperature,wearing ,corrosion

    A wide range of uses: household kitchen cabinets countertops, wash units, bathroom walls, table, coffee table, windowsill,, shower base, screen, television surface counters, reception desk and in banks, hotels, bars and so on business counters even signs, stair handrails, skirting, in the wall line of the table the hospital laboratory, food service, as well as handicrafts and so on.nanoglass

    Nanoglass Advantage

    01.Unique in superior whiteness, brilliant radiance

    02.Densely structured with no porous, zero water absorption, no ink, tea ,cosmetics can penetrate.

    03.Environmental friendly, able to be in direct contact with food

    04.Superior strength in surface, toughest
    05.Everlasting brilliance with superior erosion resistance and weather resistance, either at interior or exterior applications.

    06.Marble-like beauty with no chromatism
    07.High temperature resistant, heat shock resistant, inner structure will not be affected, shape and color keeping same, with over 1000'C temperature,. Anti-bending, anti-pressure, anti-shocking, wear resistant, low coefficient at linear heat expansion, perfect for kitchen counter tops, table tops, dinner table tops .
    08.well processible, be able to cut with automatic cutter, portable cutter, either at factory or on site, be able to make beaded edges, carving like natural stone
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