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  • 2013/10/08   Author: MARMOGLASS List
    Nano Crystallized

    The no pore crystallized glass panel
    is a kind of material made under high temperature though the process of sintering and crystallization, which is just similar to the conditions for the natural granite.

    Although the polished Nanoglass slab  possesses a better finish than the natural stone material, light projecting in at any angle can result in a homogenous and concordant diffuse reflection, and because of its special crystallized structure, which is natural and gentle to the eye. This process is good at manufacturing panels of various different color tones. Compared with granite and marble, it has a better acid and alkali resistance.
    Nano Crystallized  is a kind of homogeneous material made by adopting a special high - temperature sintering process, which has eliminated the fine cracks that cause the rupture of natural slab.
    The plentiful colors are formulated based on the white color, of which the three series of white, cream and gray are most popularly recommended by the designers.
    Being a kind of inorganic material with good chemical stability, in wind and polluted air, even if it is exposed for a long time in raining, such phenomena as quality change, dropping of strength etc, color fading, will not occur.
    Moreover, the phenomenon of alkali separation on the slab is eliminated and the dirt adhere to the slab surface can be cleaned away very easily. Water of absorption of crystallized glass is zero, therefore it is unnecessary to worry about damage caused by freezing and harmful penetration of rust, concrete slurry and gray pollutants etc.
    And it is building materials of green environment protection. Anyway it is high strength be able to be lighted
    and easy to be bent, not only economic but also saving time. So it became more and more popular.
    Our Crystallized Glass Panels comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guranteed.

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