What is marmoglass perfect white

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    marmoglass perfect white

    GEP marmoglass inc  is a manufacturer speciallized in marmo glass developing, producing, sale and processing. super white marmoglass stone is a kind of stone with 0% water absorption, stain risistance, high gloss, high consistence, good strength, no radioactivity, no color difference in large quantity, it is really the latest and green-environment construction material.

    Marmoglass perfect white can be used

    Marmoglass perfect white Application

    marmoglass perfect white Dimension:
    marmoglass perfect white Panel size:
    marmoglass perfect white tile:
    according to client demand to cut size
    marmoglass perfect white 18mm, 20mm, 25mm,30mm
    marmoglass perfect white tile
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