Nanoglass Specification

  • 2013/11/14   Author: MARMOGLASS List
    Nanoglass Specification
    300x600x18mm 12"x24"x3/4"
    600x600x18mm 24"x24"x3/4"
    800x800x18mm 32"x32"x3/4"
    900x900x18mm 36"x36"x3/4"
    1000x1000x18mm 40"x40"x3/4"
    1200x1200x18mm 48"x48"x3/4"
    2460x1240x18mm 96"x48"x3/4"
    2860x1340x18mm 110"x52"x3/4"
    3060x1340x18mm 120"x52"x3/4"
    3060 x1440x18mm 120"x56"x3/4"

    We are a leading manufacture of all kinds of Artificial stone, Crystallized Stone, Marmoglass, Nanoglass.
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