Nanoglass Without Holes

  • 2013/11/14   Author: MARMOGLASS List
    1. Nanoglass Without Holes Normal specifications (mm):
    1800*3000*18, 1200*2400*18
    1600*2400*18, 1800*3000*30
    Nanoglass Without Holes Thin plates:
    305*305*10mm, 300*600*10mm
    457*457*10mm, 800*800*12mm
    600*600*10mm 1200*2400*12mm
    It will be greatful that clients can offer us the detailed sizes and drawings.
    Our company is a high enterprise that integrates the developing and manufacturing of Nanoglass Without Holes. This is one kind of new crystallized material, and Nanoglass Without Holes possesses many good features, also, our products are widespread used in outdoors and indoors, such as the ground, internal and external wall, mesa basin, windowsill, washes room, staircase, tea table, round cylinder, kitchen, best-selling globally many countries and area.
    Nanoglass Without HolesNanoglass Without Holes

    Nanoglass Without Holes tile
    / panel
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