Crystallized Stone Countertop

  • 2013/11/14   Author: MARMOGLASS List

    CHINA GEP MARMOGLASS INC'S crystallized glass marbles are similar with jade but better than jade. They are not a resin made quartz stone but an inorganic material sintered in furnace with temperature as high as 1300 Celcius degrees with similar and even better performance than natural marble. They do not absorb water or have any radioactivity. They are a green, environmentally friendly, grade A building material that can be used for wall cladding, flooring or countertops for luxury Hotels, banks and villas etc.

    Crystallized Stone Application: It is suitable for interior & external wall cladding, flooring, kinds of tops, colomn or pillar.
    Available Colors: Crystal white, black spot, light beige, light coffee, light grey etc.
    Available size: 1200X2400, 1200X1800, 800X800, 800X1200, 600X1200, 1000X1000, 600X600mm;

    Crystallized Stone COUNTETOPCrystallized Stone countertop

    Crystallized Stone COUNTETOP , Nano Crystallized Stone COUNTETOP , Crystallized Stone TOP

    We supply Crystallized Stone Countertop with good quality and competitive price,sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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