Construction Guidance for China Marmoglass

  • 2014/04/10   Author: MARMOGLASS List
    Construction Guidance for China Marmoglass

    Protection of surface protective film: the surface protective film pasted ex work can resist pollution and prevent scratching by sand grains. And MARMOGLASS can be removed only after the completion of the project and being thoroughly cleaned.
    Marmoglass Cutting: the Marmoglass has high hardness nand density with texture like jade. Therefore, diamond saw blade will be worn and thus even causing damages in cutting. Therefore, following measures should be taken when cutting: Give priority to stable cutting machine with brand diamond sea blade for marmoglass. If unavailable, marble cutter (granite machine does not applicable ) with diamond saw blade can be applied. Ensure sufficient cooling water to prevent damage or explosive disruption to saw blade caused by overheat. Always keep the saw blade forward in one way and draw it back after tiles have been removed to prevent accidental damages to marmoglass when returning. Handheld electric marble is hard to operate and should be operated by trained and experienced workers. Ensure cooling water ejected aiming at the cutting position all the time. Cut a shallow slot first as a guilding slot for following cutting to ensure smooth cutting and avoid damages caused by swinging of the blade. Due to high wearing of cutting edge, the blade should be edged timely to ensure the sharpness of the diamond cutting edge. No matter which cutter you choose, excellent edging materials should be ensured. And common refractory fireclay block is recommended.
    Laying: Organic glue with appropriate flexibility are recommended to bind the tiles. 
    Application of the traditional slush technique in laying on the floor may cause cracks to some tiles. In view of this, improving measure are as followings: About the cement, plain cement should apply 275# white cement, and add a little 107 liquid emulsion if necessary. Laying use of beneficial use clay ( tiles adhesives, advanced waterproof tiles paste )
    1. As a waterproof coating to use: Pro Rate: the adhesives: water = (2.5-3.0): 1 ratio of reconciliation, stirring after 10 minutes, you can be brushing. When bushing, it required the thickness uniform, not missing until after thickness of about 1.0mm or so, (1.0-2.0)kgs/m2; have special requirements for certain positions, can be used to enhance non-woven glass fiber cloth with thickness of about (2.0-2.5) kg/m2 
    2. As a bonding materials used ( and waterproof effect): Pro Rate: the adhesives: water = 10: 3 ratio about reconciliation, stirring after 15 minutes can be used. Can be as tiles, ceramic tiles and other materials, like the direct smear paste, paste layer thickness should be kept large (0.5-3.0)mm between the suitable. Approach with an ordinary cement paste elements, like a super adhesive force, also has water resistance. 
    3. Beickwork joint be washed clean before joint filling. Paste the four sides of the marmoglass tiles along the joints with color protective paper and then carry out the operation with appropriate filler.

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