Pure White Nano Crystallized Stone

  • 2014/04/10   Author: MARMOGLASS List
    Pure White Nano Crystallized Stone

    China GEP MARMOGLASS is a high enterprise that integrates the developing and manufacturing of Pure White Nano Crystallized Stone. This is one kind of new crystallized stone material, and it possesses many good features, also, our crystallized glass stone are widespread used in outdoors and indoors, such as the ground, internal and external wall, mesa basin, windowsill, washes room, staircase, tea table, round cylinder, kitchen, best-selling globally many countries and area.

    Pure White Nano Crystallized Stone

    Max slabs size is 2400x1200mm, 2400x1300mm, 3000x1300mm, 3000X1800mm, etc
    Standard Size, 300x600, 400x600, 600x600, 800x800, 1000x1000, 1200x1200mm, etc
    Thickness available: 12mm, 18mm, 25mm, and 29 mm,

    Welcome your any specific inquiry. crystal glass stone

    Nanoglass panel

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