crystallized glass ceramic panels

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    crystallized glass ceramic panels
    THE SUPERIOR ALTERNATIVE TO STONEcrystallized glass ceramic panels

    We are one of the most reliable suppliers of crystallized glass panel in the marketplace. Our crystallized bright glass panel are widely used for smooth stone & ceramic of flooring and wall's decoration. They are manufactured from high class non-organic mineral powder through high temperature. They are remarkable for their mechanical strength, anti-wearing, corrosive resistance, electricity isolation, heat expansion coefficient, heat stability and temperature resistance. Due to their above mentioned features these glass panels are high on demand among building construction industry. In addition to these we are reckoned as one of the most dominant crystallized glass stone exporters of the country.

    Crystallized glass panel was invented in Japan in mid 1970 by NEG Company, It soon gained popularities among building industry and has become a perfect substitute for high-class stone & ceramic of flooring & wall's decoration. Crystallized glass panel is made with non-organic mineral power through high temperature melting&ceramic,but also has better function in respects of Mechanical Strength, Anti-Wearing, Corrosive Resistance, Electricity Isolation, Heat Expansion Coefficient, Heat Stability, Temperature Resistance ect, which are far better than current Construction Structural Materials(Ceramic, Glass, Casting Stone, Steel...)Further more, it has better decorational effects than natural stone like granite jade stone and marble, due to the following features.

    • Non-Radioactive, Non-Pollution.
    • Non Color Difference, Even Hue.
    • 100% Brightness, Minimum Water Absorption.
    • Anti-Weathering, Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance, Durable.
    • High Density, High Compress Strength, even several times stronger than natural stone.This new trend first started from South-East Asia and then West Europe and USA, being wildly used in hotel, guest hall and office, as well as Theme Buildings of local style and public places for its elegant and luxurious effects.
    • Our material size as following:
      • Panel size: 1200x1800mm,1200x2400mm, (we can made the standard size as: 300*300, 600*600, 300*600, 600*900, 900*1200, 600*1200 or as per your requesting).

    • Thickness: from 12mm to 30mm.

    crystallized glass ceramic panels

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