White Marmoglass Slabs

  • 2014/05/14   Author: MARMOGLASS List

    Pansheng stone is the   large manufacturer for crystallized glass stone/ marmoglass in China. Crystallized glass stone, also called Marmoglass , Minicrystal stone, Artificial stone, is a new building material, widely used as wall and floor tiles in the decoration of differennt buildings such as office building,bank, shopping mall, hospitals, airport departure lounge,hotels public buildings,etc.
    Color:pure white, yellow in white.silver yellow, grey spot white
    1. Marmoglass Panel thickness: 10-35MM

    2. Normal specifications (mm):
    1800*3000*18 1200*2400*18 600*600*18
    1600*2400*18 1800*3000*28 800*800*18
    Thin tiles:
    305*305*10mm, 450*450*10mm
    457*457*10mm, 800*800*10mm
    600*600*10mm 1200*2400*11mm
    Customized sizes are available.
    3. Material: glass
    4. Color; white
    White Marmoglass Slabs
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