2017 composite beige marble crema marfil porcelain tile

  • 2017/06/05   Author: MARMOGLASS List
    2017 composite beige marble crema marfil porcelain tile
    The Super White Glass Tile is a high-end product in the family of porcelain tiles. The White Glass Tile comes with a strong porcelain back. The tile is acid-resistant, non-slip, wear-resistant, and waterproof. The water absorption of the white glass layer is zero while the porcelain body is below 0.3%. The White Glass Tile can withstand inclement weathers and has high resistance to thermal shock. 
    The white glass tile is 100% green product without any radioactive material present.
    The White Glass Tile comes in sizes of 40x40, 32x32, 24x24 (1000x1000mm, 800x800mm or 600x600mm).

    Crystal White Glass with Porcelain backing 
    Composite Crystallized glass tiles with ceramic base
    Composite Crsytallized glass Tiles
    Composite Crystal White STONE
    Composite Crystal White Glass
    Porcelain composite crystallized glass tile
    Porcelain composite glass white tile
    Composite Crystallized Glass Compound Crystallite Glass Tile
    1) pure white or black color
    2) size 600x600,800x800,1000x1000, rectangular 1200x600mm.
    Except for Composite Crystallized glass tiles,we can also supply full-body crystallized glass tile and slab products.Welcome your any specific inquiry on our materials
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