Non-porous Artificial Nano Crystal Glass/Marmoglass Glass Slab exterior Wall Panel

  • 2017/06/05   Author: MARMOGLASS List
    Non-porous Artificial Nano Crystal Glass/Marmoglass Glass Slab exterior Wall Panel
    1. Compact structure: Molecular microcrystalline particle size of the super nanoglass reaches the nanometer level. Fibrous crystal molecular structure makes it excellent material for processing such as round cutting, drilling, carving, 45°cutting and other edge design processing to users’ requirement.
    2. Easy-to-cut: Cutting can be done at the construction site by the bridge cutting machine and portable cutting machine.
    3. High hardness: The hardness Mohs of the surface reaches at Level 7.
    4. High compressive strength,high tensile strength. No white off, no deformation and no crack even it is exposed to the sunlight. The special feature makes it widely used in the floor laying.
    5. Low expansion coefficient: Super nanoglass can bear the temperature range from -18°C to 1000°C with no influence on the structure, color and shape.
    6. Corrosion resistance and acid & alkali resistance, and color will not fade off and strength stays same after a long period of time.
    7. No water and dirt absorption. It is easy and convenient to be cleaned.
    8. Non-radioactive, environmental friendly and reusable.
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