White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone

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    White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone  Usage: 

    Industrial: hall way, column, restroom, exterior wall, background wall, etc.
    Residential: floor, background Wall, bathroom, kitchen counter top, partitions, tea table, etc.
    Civil: city hall, background Wall, welcome board, restroom, etc.
    Others: grave monument, craft, trophy, photo Wall, mosaic, etc.
    White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone Customized: Customized size/sketch plate; wide range of different processed products.

     White Nano Crystallized Glass Stone Service: Design; transport; construction direction.

    Nanoglass Features:
    1. Wear resistance
    Moh's hardness of GEP Nano Glass is 6. It's more resistant to scratches than natural stone (marble or granite), and is excellent wear resistance.
    2. Stain resistance
    GEP Nano Glass does not absorb water and stains, and it's antibacterial. It could be used in Hospital, Lab, etc.
    3. Slip resistance
    Due to nano structure, GEP Nano Glass's static coefficient of friction is 0.50 in wet condition, 0.84 in dry condition, ease of use.
    4. Anti Acid & alkali, Zero water absorption
    Owing to our patented nanotechnology, GEP Nano Glass has constant nano inner structure, nonporous. It has a stable chemical stability: Acid k=0.05%, Alkali k= 0.01%; 
    5. Healthy to human
    Less radioactivity, no organic compound additive, antibacterial, etc.
    6. Easy clean and maintenance
    Advanced Nanotechnology with crystal structure, could be self-cleaned. No chemical cleaner are needed, just a simple detergent can clean the grease stains. Also, it does not need special caring in daily life.
    7. Excellent anti-weathering performance
    GEP Nano Glass retains its shape, color, gloss for a long period of time due to its stable nano inner structure and high-tech production process.
    8. High-temperature resistant 
    Liner thermal expansion coefficient 5.6×10-6/ºC,GEP Nano Glass can bare high temperature.
    9. Customer friendly
    Easy secondary processing, could be cut to any size and shape as you needed; Whole body, could be graved customer pictures, photos and paintings with immerse visual effect.
    10. Easy to form curved shapes
    Curved shapes can be easily formed by heating and softening the glass material. Column, right-angled corner could be provided.GEP NANOGLASS SLAB


    More details about GEP Nano Glass:

     GEP Nano Glass
    No. Test item(s) Test result(s) Test method(s)
    1 Moh's hardness grade 6 JC/T872-2000
    2 Chemical stability Acid fastness k=0.05%
    Alkali fastness k=0.01%
    3 Glossiness 99
    4 Flexural strength 57.5MPa
    5 Radioactivity IRa 0.2 GB6566-2010
    6 Thermal conductivity 1.175W(M·K) GB/T10297-1998
    7 P-T-P resistance 3.79×1010Ω SJ/T10694-2006
    8 Water absorption 0.006% Refer to GB/T3810.3-2006
    9 Stain resistance Level 5 Refer to GB/T3810.14-2006
    10 Freezing resistance No crack and peeling Refer to GB/T3810.12-2006
    11 Straight bore -0.17% ~ +0.22% Refer to GB/T3810.12-2006
    12 Surface flatness Side camber -0.02% ~ +0.05%
    Warpage -0.06% ~ +0.01%
    Center camber -0.07% ~ +0.01%
    13 Wear resistance Level 4 Refer to GB/T3810.7-2006
    14 Moisture expansion 0.02mm/m Refer to GB/T3810.10-2006
    15 CLTE 7.88×10-6ºC-1 Refer to GB/T3810.8-2006
    16 Impact resistance 0.78 Refer to GB/T3810.5-2006
    17 Absorption by weight 0.02% ASTM C97/C97M-09
    18 Density 2690 kg/m³
    19 Abrasion resistance(polished) 46 ASTM C241/C241-013
    20 Modulus of rupture Dry condition: 63.6 Mpa Refer to ASTM C99/C99-09
    Wet condition: 61.4 Mpa
    21 Compressive strength Dry condition: 446 Mpa Refer to ASTM C170/C170-09
    Wet condition: 427 Mpa
    22 Static coefficient of friction Dry condition: 0.84 ASTM C1028-07
    Wet condition: 0.50
    23 Liner thermal expansion coefficient 5.6×10-6/ºC ASTM C531-00(2012)

    1. What is Nano Glass / Crystalline Stone?
    Nano Glass, also known as Glass- ceramics, Nano Glass, crystallized nano glass, Nano Glass crystal, are produced by controlled crystallization of certain glasses - generally induced by nucleating additives.
    2. Where can be used?
    Industrial: hall way, column, restroom, exterior wall, background wall, etc.
    Residential: floor, background Wall, bathroom, kitchen counter top, partitions, tea table, etc.
    Civil: city hall, background Wall, welcome board, restroom, etc.
    Others: grave monument, craft, trophy, photo Wall, mosaic, etc.
    4. What is the quality of your Nano Glass?
    Each process has strict quality test. Make sure you get our best quality products.
    We win a good social reputations from many projects, both in Commercial and Residential.
    Authority of quality certification.
    5. Is there anything I need to know when I'm cutting and Installing?
    GEP Nano Glass can be cut by emery wheel cutting machine, portable cutting machine, and other regular cutting machines. Regular floor paving, wall installing. Or we could contact through Internet and phone.
    6. Do I need daily special care? 
    Different with natural stones and regular artificial stones, GEP Nano Glass is hole free and antibacterial, so the water, oil, stains will not permeate into it. Thus it does not need daily special maintenance.
    If there is dirty water, oil, ink, soy sauce, chemical liquids, or any other liquids, you can use paper towel and simple detergent to remove. The liquids will not permeate in to the tiles, and the surface will be as bright as beginning.
    Also, due to GEP Nano Glass is whole body, and have an excellent wear resistance, it needs less polishing frequency compare with natural stone. 
    7. Could you send me some samples?
    Yes, we can send you some samples for you to test. Please send us your address, and we will send the samples as needed.
    8. What is your delivery time?
    Our annual output is 2 million square meters. Daily output is 4500 square meters.
    Customized products usually are shipping in one week(decided by the order).
    9. How about the packages? 
    Large slabs: wooden frame, and Polyethylene foamed sheet(also named as pearl cotton)
    Cut to size: Using the fumigation wooden carton and pearl cotton.
    Other deep processed products: Using the fumigation wooden carton and pearl cotton.
    10. What's your Shipping & Payment terms?
    Shipping: Usually FOB Shanghai/ Shenzhen, we cooperate with professional shipping agents to make sure your orders' safety. EXW, CIF, CFR, etc.
    Payment: 100% T/T in advance. 
    Contact us and leave your message, you will find more surprise.
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