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  • Artificial Stone,Crystallized  compound tile panel
    no.: COMPOSITE TILE 17
    Artificial Stone , Crystallized compound tile panel
  • Artificial Stone,Marmoglass marmo glass glass marble
    no.: MARMOGLASS 62
    Artificial Stone , Marmoglass marmo glass glass marble
  • Artificial Stone,White glass stone slab
    no.: MARMOGLASS 16
    Artificial Stone , White glass stone slab
  • Artificial Stone,Glass stone slab
    no.: MARMOGLASS 30
    Artificial Stone , Glass stone slab
  • Artificial Stone,Nano crystallized glass panel
    no.: NANOGLASS 154
    Artificial Stone , Nano crystallized glass panel
  • Artificial Stone,Nano glass stair riser
    no.: NANOGLASS 90
    Artificial Stone , Nano glass stair riser
  • Artificial Stone,Nanoglass door surround window sill
    no.: NANOGLASS 87
    Artificial Stone , Nanoglass door surround window sill
  • Artificial Stone,White crystal glass nanoglass
    no.: NANOGLASS 46
    Artificial Stone , White crystal glass nanoglass
  • Artificial Stone,Nanoglass white marble slab
    no.: NANOGLASS 49
    Artificial Stone , Nanoglass white marble slab
  • Artificial Stone,Nano crystallized glass tile
    no.: NANOGLASS 29
    Artificial Stone , Nano crystallized glass tile
  • Artificial Stone,White nano glass sink basin
    no.: NANOGLASS 105
    Artificial Stone , White nano glass sink basin
  • Artificial Stone,White marble glass stone top
    no.: NANOGLASS 109
    Artificial Stone , White marble glass stone top
  • Artificial Stone,Marmoglass vanitytop
    no.: MARMOGLASS 76
    Artificial Stone , Marmoglass vanitytop
  • Artificial Stone,Micro crystal stone
    no.: MARMOGLASS 57
    Artificial Stone , Micro crystal stone
  • Artificial Stone,White marmoglass stair step riser
    no.: MARMOGLASS 35
    Artificial Stone , White marmoglass stair step riser
  • Artificial Stone,White marmoglass column cladding
    no.: MARMOGLASS 2
    Artificial Stone , White marmoglass column cladding
  • Artificial Stone,Crystallized composite
    no.: COMPOSITE TILE 14
    Artificial Stone , Crystallized composite
  • Artificial Stone,Composite ceramic
    no.: COMPOSITE TILE 26
    Artificial Stone , Composite ceramic
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Artificial Stone

Manufactured Artificial Stone and Artificial Stone Products,include Artificial Stone floor tile,Artificial Stone floor slab,Artificial Stone countertop,Artificial Stone veneer,Artificial Stone wall cladding,white Artificial Stone ,Artificial Man-made stone,Artificial Engineered stone

Artificial Stone Feature:

1. Specification of Artificial Stone slabs: 3050*1250mm 2450*1650mm

2. Artificial Stone Cut to size: 300*300mm, 400*400mm, 600*600mm 300*600mm, 400*600mm, 600*800mm or as customer request

3. Artificial Stone Thickness: 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm,18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm

4. Various of Clour: White, Beige, Two tone color,Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, Green, and so on

widely applicable: Used in the home decoration, kitchen coounter top, Countertop, Mantelshelf, hotel, guest house, airport, office and decorative materials.

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Artificial Stone,Artificial Man-made stone,Artificial Engineered stone