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  • nanoglass tile,Nanoglass stone
    no.: NANOGLASS 18
    nanoglass tile , Nanoglass stone
  • nanoglass tile,Nanoglass enginnered pure white stone
    no.: NANOGLASS 24
    nanoglass tile , Nanoglass enginnered pure white stone
  • nanoglass tile,White nano crystallized glass
    no.: NANOGLASS 12
    nanoglass tile , White nano crystallized glass
  • nanoglass tile,White marble nanoglass
    no.: NANOGLASS 13
    nanoglass tile , White marble nanoglass
  • nanoglass tile,White glass panels
    no.: NANOGLASS 14
    nanoglass tile , White glass panels
  • nanoglass tile,Nano glass tile
    no.: NANOGLASS 26
    nanoglass tile , Nano glass tile
  • nanoglass tile,Nano glass stone marmoglass nanoglass
    no.: NANOGLASS 27
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  • nanoglass tile,Nano glass nanoglass
    no.: NANOGLASS 28
    nanoglass tile , Nano glass nanoglass
  • nanoglass tile,Nano crystallized glass tile
    no.: NANOGLASS 29
    nanoglass tile , Nano crystallized glass tile
  • nanoglass tile,Nano crystallized glass panel tile
    no.: NANOGLASS 32
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  • nanoglass tile,Nano crystallized glass panel
    no.: NANOGLASS 30
    nanoglass tile , Nano crystallized glass panel
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    no.: NANOGLASS 31
    nanoglass tile , Nano crystallized glass panel, china nanoglass
  • nanoglass tile,Nanoglass tile
    no.: NANOGLASS 16
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    no.: NANOGLASS 17
    nanoglass tile , Nanoglass super nanoglass nano crystallized glass panel
  • nanoglass tile,Nanoglass panel
    no.: NANOGLASS 19
    nanoglass tile , Nanoglass panel
  • nanoglass tile,Nanoglass nano stone tile
    no.: NANOGLASS 21
    nanoglass tile , Nanoglass nano stone tile
  • nanoglass tile,Nanoglass nanostone
    no.: NANOGLASS 20
    nanoglass tile , Nanoglass nanostone
  • nanoglass tile,Nanoglass floor tile panel
    no.: NANOGLASS 22
    nanoglass tile , Nanoglass floor tile panel
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Nano Glass Tile

nanoglass tile / Nano Glass Tile / China nanoglass tile
super white nanoglass tile

1.Ordan Artificial stone is easy to maintenance and have 10 years warranty.
2.Environmental friendly and anti-baterial ensures you a healthy and green life.
3.Various colors for you choices which can decorate your house an unique style.
4.Can cut to sizes according to your requirement.
5.High resistence to heat & acid
6.No visual Seamjoint
7.Natural Superficie

Nanoglass Tile Size :300*300mm, 300*600mm, 600*600mm, 615*615mm, 600*900mm, 1200*600mm,
Nanoglass tile widely used in Kitchen countertops,bathroom vanity tops,fireplace surround,shower shall,windowsill,as well as the

floor tile and wall tile

Customized specification on request .

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